31. 5. 2021

CABINETS OF WONDER in Competiton at GOLDENER SPATZ & shortlisted for LOLA

We are proud to announce the German premiere of the children’s documentary film by Susanne Kim in the competition of GOLDENER SPATZ in Erfurt. The multimedia project revolving around the kids Roja, Wisdom, Elias and Joline takes us on an adventurous journey about friendship, belonging and love, but also through fear, exclusion or the pressure that stems from high expectations. Film, VR and an educational program explore one question with passion and imagination:

If childhood was a place, where would it be and what would you discover within it?

In the making of this film, the kids wrote their own music, built props, invented stories, and most importantly, revealed their dreams and fears/concerns/worries.The film is their personal fantasy world, one that they want to share with other children. Read more about the competition HERE

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