Cabinets of Wonder

Original Title Meine Wunderkammer
director Susanne Kim
screenplay Susanne Kim
production Holm Taddiken
distribution eksystent
television KiKA

Status: production

A film from children’s perspective on their lives in our country, on us adults, the state of affairs, their utopia - unsharp beautiful, idealistic and radically honest. A film for children and adults.

Growing children’s poverty, debates about social justice, world events from the seams - what does childhood mean in our complex world, in our society? How much does the society affect the well-being of our children? To this end, we want to develop a film with children and surprise us with their ideas, wishes and questions.


dop Emma Rosa Simon
film editor Marion Tuor
co producer VR experience Alexander Herrmann
music Cornelia F. Müller
illustration Franziska Junge
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