Original Title  
director Clemens v. Wedemeyer
screenplay Clemens v. Wedemeyer  
production Silvia Loinjak Filmproduktion UG
Executive Producers Holm Taddiken
filmfund MDM
length 8 minutes

Status: Completed

A nighttime scene is to be filmed. Held together by a rectangle marked out on the ground, 200 extras await their cues, and yet the direction and production staffs are in conflict with one another. The atmosphere grows increasingly tense. The restless crowd develops a life of its own as the film team attempts to keep the situation under control.

Screenings (inter alia)

Release date



Julia Berke Jörn Knebel Berndt Stübner


dop Frank Meyer
gaffer Matthias Beier
music Matthias Pintscher
sound effects Niels Löwenhardt
assistant of director Leis Bagdach
producer Holm Taddiken
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