White Box

director Susanne Schulz
dramaturgy Susanne Schulz
production Holm Taddiken, Neufilm
TV station MDR
film fund MDM
length 65 minutes

Status: Completed

German law permits only a certain amount of square metres per person if you are claiming unemployment and housing benefit. The idea is to close-off one room in a flat in a small city in the east of Germany, which adheres to these size restrictions. From this point in time, the locked room does not belong to the flat anymore. But what does this unused room stand for?

The film captures moments, describes underlying feelings, needs and hopes that are connected with this locked room. Even though it is empty now, the room is filled with stories.


German TV-Premiere


dop Kirsten Weingarten
film editor Halina Daugird, Eli Cortinas
music Alexander Schubert
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