Original Title Die Besucher
director Constanze Knoche
screenplay Leis Bagdach, Constanze Knoche
production Silvia Loinjak Filmproduktion UG
Executive Producers Leis Bagdach, Constanze Knoche
filmfund MEDIA, Medienboard, Kuratorium, BKM
length 92 minutes

Status: Completed

While his wife Hanna is still asleep, Jakob breaks up one morning to visit the long-grown children in Berlin, 150 kilometers away. Karla, Arnolt and Sonni seem to lead a successful life in the big city, but they are stuck in a different way of life with a common cause: lack of independence.

Only when Hanna completes the family in the evening does Jakob finally get to know the reason for his visit: he will not be able to support the children financially in the future. After a quarrel and the painful revelation of life lies, all family members are aware of how little they actually know each other - despite mutual dependency - …

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Jakob Uwe Kockisch
Hanna Corinna Kirchhoff
Karla Anjorka Strechel
Sonni Anne Müller
Arnolt Jakob Diehl
Katharina Irina Potapenko
Study advisor Mehdi Nebbou
Bergson Bernhard Schütz


dop Kirsten Weingarten
film editor Kai Minierski
sound design Felix Andriessens


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