Sad Songs of Happiness

director Constanze Knoche
dramaturgy Leis Bagdach, Constanze Knoche
production Neufilm, Leis Bagdach
commisioning editor ZDF Milena Bonse
length 80 minutes

Status: Completed

Although Hiba, Rita and Tamar – pupils at the international Schmidt’s Girls College in Jerusalem – have only been receiving classical singing lessons for under two years, their music teacher has registered them for the prestigious competition “Jugend Musiziert” (“Youth Makes Music”). An exciting journey awaits the students: their trip will lead them out of their conflict-ridden everyday life to the first round of the competition, which will be held in Istanbul in 2013. For those who succeed in this round the journey continues to Germany where the competition celebrates its 50th anniversary. Every single girl brings the right qualities to reach the local finals: musical talent, a special voice - and a never ending joy of singing.

Screenings (inter alia)

German TV-premiere



dop Kirsten Weingarten
film editor Kai Minierski
sound design Felix Andriessens


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