Once Again

Original Title ONCE AGAIN
director Kanwal Sethi
dramaturgy Andrew Bird
screenplay Kanwal Sethi
Co-Producers ZDF/arte, JAR Pictures, Ascending Films, Crawling Angel Films
filmfund Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, Sächsische Landesmedienanstalt
world sales Urban Distribution International
length 98 minutes

Status: Completed

Amar is an ageing movie star in the twilight of his career. Tara runs a restaurant from where Amar usually orders his meals. A chance phone call blossoms into a friendship with an unsaid rule that neither will meet in person. Finding comfort & companionship, Amar & Tara open up to each other sharing their loneliness & void. When Amar lands up at Tara’s door, the relationship takes a new meaning. Initially hesitant, Tara also gives in. Together they cherish new memories. One day, the realities of their worlds collide as Amar fails to acknowledge what Tara means to him. A deeply hurt Tara distances herself from Amar. As the time flows gently, Amar & Tara feel the emptiness & realize love is just a phone call away. Once again, Amar & Tara must make a choice and find meaning in their lives.

Screenings (inter alia)


Tara Shefali Shah
Amar Neeraj Kabi
Sapna Rasika Dugal
Sonni Bhagwan Tiwari
Mira Badita Bag
Dev Priyanshu Painyuli


dop Eeshit Narain, Conrad Lobst
film editor Andreas Wodraschke, Sören E. Blisted, Anja Siemens
music Talvin Singh
sound designer Mohandas V.P.
sound recordist Ayush Ahuja
sound mixing Kai Tebbel
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