Becoming Kim

Original Title Becoming Kim
director Susanne Kim
screenplay Susanne Kim
DoP Emma Rosa Simon
editing Marion Tuor
producer Holm Taddiken
filmfund n.n.

Status: development

“We had Kimchi & Potatoe engraved on our wedding ring 12 years ago. And thought it was pretty funny. Soon, however, the national “dishes” of cultural self-image hung like a sword of Damocles over our tumultuous relationship. Most culture clash comedies go the other way: first chaos, then marriage. Then the movie ends. But why do most stories always stop just when things are just about to get interesting? And: is love enough? How honest can you recount what’s at stake in a marriage, especially when it’s your own? That’s why this film could also become a divorce comedy.” Susanne Kim (director)

BECOMING KIM will be a very personal documentary portraying a Korean-German relationship. What ensues is an intimate glimpse into a family navigating between Asia and Europe, whose future depends on chicken, mothers-in-law, and plenty of understanding. Told with humour, honesty and empathy, this story is a framework that, applied to larger social contexts, can contribute to an open intercultural encounter.

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